Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine services offered in Frisco, TX

Functional Medicine Q & A

Functional medicine is the future of conventional medicine.  It seeks to identify and adjust the root cause of disease and treats the body as a whole instead of just the disease itself.  It is well-known that each patient has her own genetics, biochemical make-up, environmental toxin exposures,  social stressors and lifestyle choices.  

Many patients suffer from fatigue, mood imbalances, sleep disturbances, hormone and gut issues.  Functional medicine providers have access to advanced laboratory testing to evaluate patient's individual genetic markers, toxin buildup, vitamin levels, gut micro -biome and hormonal imbalances.  

Functional medicine providers then formulate a treatment plan that is patient specific using a combination of bioidentical hormones, pharmaceutical grade supplements, medications, personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations along with stress management.  By utilizing this approach it allows us to get to the root cause of imbalance that is causing the illness or the disease and help the patient achieve a pathway to wellness.